- kind of sort of totally screwed!

Dear diary...
On Monday the company I use for hosting & the UJ Network websites decided to lock me out of my server and hold my files hostage due to legal dispute over visitor generated content. After 18 years of running the site (yeah... 18 f'ing years... DAMN!) and fighting lawsuits, dealing with hackers, and web hosts who are total assholes, I am seriously contemplating ending it all. I have over 3.8TB of data files and information that I cannot gain access to right now, so I need a few days to sort out these issues and contemplate the future of the UJ Network. If someone out there is looking for an absolute steal on my empire of junk, make me an offer -

In the meantime, you can find me over at My Free Cams seeking comfort by gawking at insanely hot cam chicks for free.